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ATA Handbook #90 Astronomy & Philately

In a 2-year project, with many dedicated members contributing, the ASU compiled the ATA Handbook #90 “Astronomy and Philately,” a massive checklist of astronomical-themed stamps (with Scott and other catalog numbers) issued through mid-1976. The editor, Ann Shoemake remarked that “[t]he goal of its authors has been to include all astronomy stamps that are specifically related to the subject plus an introduction to the various by-ways that may be explored.” The Handbook consisted of checklists of astronomical stamps by country and sub-topic, including astronomically-themed postal stationary and cancellations. A brief bibliography of astronomers was included for context and education.

Although long out of print, the Handbook is an historical publication of the ASU from its early years and may still provide some value to members for older astronomy-themed stamps.

The digital, searchable PDF version of the Handbook was created by ASU member Dûsan Húbner and is made available with permission from the American Topical Association (ATA).

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